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Beautiful Hair

PRP is a natural therapy that uses platelet-rich plasma injection to offer patients hope for hair restoration without surgery, pills, or topical ointments.

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Flexible Joints

PRP injection is used for shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff tears, for Achilles tendon ruptures, and for other soft-tissue injuries to enhance the healing process.

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Smooth Skin

PRP is a facial rejuvenation treatment that uses your own plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration to eliminate lines, folds, and wrinkles.

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Sexual Health

Whether you’re seeking to restart or improve your sex life, it’s important to be ready to try new things, and to ask for professional help if necessary.

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Services We Offer

PRP for Joints

Activated platelets are injected directly into your injured or diseased body tissue to release growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells.

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PRP for Skin

PRP is injected into targeted areas of the skin and then forms an environment which helps in growing collagen, regenerates the tissues and makes your skin smooth and tight.

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PRP for Hair

Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products essential to regenerate scalp tissue and make the hair follicles produce the hair growth.

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PRP for Men

PRP treatment is a regenerative therapy that uses body’s growth factors in your blood to stimulate the healing process in your penis to treat ED and Peyronie’s Disease.

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Trimix Shots

Trimix is a common term used to describe a mixture of Papaverine, Phentolamine, and Alprostadil (PGE). Each of these drugs produces a vasodilating effect when injected into the penis.

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Acoustic Waves

With Acoustic Wave therapy, a physician uses a wand-like device to deliver mild shockwaves right to the penis to promote the growth of new blood vessels, break the plaques and help erectile dysfunction.

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ED Drugs

Sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), tadalafil (Cialis), and avanafil (Stendra) are oral drugs that reverse erectile dysfunction by enhancing a natural chemical relaxing penile muscles.

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Exosomes for Men

Exosomes are regenerative medicine disrupting the treatment of age-related disorders including cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, osteoporosis, and erectile dysfunction.

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TRT for Men

Testosterone replacement therapy is approved to treat male hypogonadism (low testosterone or “Low T”), a condition in which the body fails to make enough sex hormones.

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HRT for Women

Hormone replacement therapy is a medication that contains female hormones. You take the medication to replace the estrogen that your body stops making during menopause.

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Peptide Packages

Peptide therapy is the targeted use of peptides to produce a specific reaction in the body. Some peptides have been shown they may also be utilized to reduce inflammation.

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Sermorelin Therapy

A peptide therapy based on Sermorelin can induce permanent or long-term spikes in HGH production. If you receive the therapy, you gain increased energy and stamina, and more.

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    What We Treat

    1. 1
      Joint Inflammation

      When you have inflammation, your body releases chemicals into your affected tissues to boost blood flow to an injury and cause redness and warmth.

    2. 2
      Facial Signs of Aging

      Our skin ages for a variety of different reasons. Many of the causes of skin aging are entirely natural and cannot be altered by themselves.

    3. 3
      Hair Loss

      If you notice that you’re losing more hair than usual, you should discuss the problem with a doctor to determine the underlying causes.

    4. 4
      Sexual Disorders in Men

      Sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature, inhibited, retarded, or retrograde ejaculation, or inhibited sexual desire are successfully cured.

    5. 5
      Sexual Disorders in Women

      Sexual dysfunction in women includes painful intercourse, painful contraction (spasm) of the vaginal muscles, problems with sexual arousal, or orgasm.

    6. 6
      Age-Related Fatigue

      Some illnesses, from the flu and anemia to rheumatoid arthritis and infections to cancer, can cause fatigue and make you feel tired all the time.

    7. 7
      Decreased Sex Drive

      Low libido describes a decreased interest in sexual activity. Low libido for a long period of time may cause concern for some people.

    8. 8
      Bone and Muscle Loss

      Muscle weakness contributes to fatigue, weakness, and reduced activity tolerance. Joint problems ranging from mild stiffness to debilitating arthritis (osteoarthritis) are very common.

    9. 9
      Excess Weight and Obesity

      Obesity is a chronic (long-term) medical disease of having too much body fat. Sometimes excess weight is a sign of low testosterone or HGH deficiency.

    10. 10
      Lack of Energy

      Lack of energy by itself is rarely an emergency; however, if it develops suddenly or is accompanied by other serious symptoms, it may require immediate evaluation to avoid significant complications.

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    Questions and Answers


    What is PRP?

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an injectable treatment by which a person’s own blood is used. Platelets are vital in the process of tissue healing, and the growth of new cells. PRP thereby promotes collagen production, regenerates the skin tissue, and essentially re-energizes your cells into rejuvenating themselves. The release of growth factors amphiphiles the healing process. PRP softens fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin, and improves skin tone and texture.

    How is PRP administered?

    The treatment of PRP involves a fraction of blood, collected or ‘drawn up’ from the individual patient into a syringe. The collected blood is then spun down in a special centrifuge to separate its components. The platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected, and/or micro-needled back into the skin.

    How long does a PRP treatment take?

    Typically, a PRP treatment takes between an hour or two to complete. This depends on if the PRP is administered through injections only, and/or micro-needled into the skin. This timeframe includes an additional 30 minutes for the blood to be drawn and spun in the centrifuge, and topical numbing to be applied.

    Do PRP injections hurt?

    Some mild discomfort may be felt while the PRP is being reinjected. The sensation typically felt is a burning or tingling sensation. This sensation only lasts a few minutes after the PRP injected. We ensure our patients are comfortable throughout the entire PRP treatment and apply topical numbing cream and ice to aid any discomfort.

    When will I begin to see results from a PRP treatment?

    Generally, patients notice tightening and a more even tone to their skin in a week or two after PRP injections. These results continue to build for up to 6 months after treatment.

    How long do results from PRP injections last?

    Results from PRP injections can be seen for many years after treatment; However, these results vary due to the individual’s natural variation in quality of Platelet Rich Plasma, as well as their lifestyle. While we cannot stop the aging process, we can slow it down. Results from PRP injections can be extended with proper at home skincare maintenance.

    What areas can I treat with PRP injections?

    Technically, PRP can be used to treat any area of the body. For cosmetic purposes, PRP is most popularly used to treat the face and neck.

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